Preventative Medicine

A strong immune system is the key to PREVENTION

Linchitz Medical Wellness promotes a complete prevention and treatment program combining the best in holistic science and an intelligent lifestyle upgrade designed to maintain a well-balanced immune system. The proverbial “apple a day” includes proper nutrition, stress management, addressing toxins, traumas and infections.
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operates according to three main directives. The first is to RECOGNIZE that which is foreign and sound the alarm soon enough to thwart the invader. The second directive is to RESPOND to the alarm with enough of a counter attack to effectively neutralize the invader quickly. The third is to REMEMBER what happened so that if the same situation were to arise again, an effective response could be generated faster.

In pursuit of stabilizing and prolonging remission, Immunotherapy is based upon first assessing the structure and function (or dysfunction) of your immune system and then addressing the areas of damage. The recommendations are highly personalized because no two individuals have exactly the same pattern of immune system damage even if their cancer diagnoses are the same.
WATER FILTRATION: It is recommended for all patients as a starting point that they get a water purifier and that they only drink either good quality bottled water, preferably in a glass bottle, or that they use a good filter.  
GO ORGANIC: Part of being proactive means buying organic produce in addition to going to the health food stores that carry organic beef, pork, chicken and other great sources of organic protein. Organic foods are very fresh and are recommend highly.  
LIFESTYLE UPGRADE: Look at your life and lifestyle and try to keep stress under control. STRESS by itself does not cause cancer but it can promote cancer because of its ability to suppress the immune system.
DETOXIFICATION:Thousands of new chemicals are released into our environment every year. We know little about the effects that are caused by each individual chemical and less about the interactions between them. Hormone-like substances such as plasticizers (just try to avoid contact with plastics in today's world) and pesticides have caused feminization of fish and infertile crocodiles with both male and female genitalia. These same substances are probably responsible for at least part of the increasing incidence of cancer of the breast, prostate and colon, among others. There has even been speculation that these chemicals are responsible for earlier puberty among girls and breast development in some boys. Drugs like Prozac are easily measurable in our water supply. Industrial pollutants have been found deep below the surface of the ice in the arctic region. Babies are born with an average of almost 100 different chemicals detected in the umbilical cord blood. Modern medicine has largely ignored this problem, focusing instead on the pharmacologic treatment of the symptoms of these underlying problems.
Heavy metals such as lead, mercury, arsenic, cadmium and aluminum have been associated with immune dysfunction (another potential reason for the rise in cancer and autoimmune disease), endocrine disruption (have you been aware of the apparent rise in thyroid dysfunction?), cardiac disease, chronic fatigue, inflammatory conditions, brain dysfunction, and many other medical problems. Yet, recently, when a prominent actor had to leave a play due to symptoms of mercury toxicity, the mainstream medical community and some in the press, treated it as a joke, rather than the tragedy that it is. The problem of mercury toxicity is so widespread, that a recent article in the New York Times, estimated that more than 25% of the population of New York City is affected. It seems more convenient for physicians to treat the anxiety with sedatives, the depression, fatigue and confusion with antidepressants, the cardiovascular problems (high blood pressure, heart failure, myocardial infarction) with heart and blood pressure medicines, than to admit there may be a widespread underlying toxic cause. All of these symptoms and more can be signs of heavy metal toxicity. We continue to rely on serum levels to diagnose heavy metal toxicity despite the fact that it has been shown that it correlates very poorly with total body burden of these toxins. Specialized provocative testing is necessary to help make this diagnosis.

Detoxification is no longer an option but a necessity if we want to achieve optimal health. The various means available include chelation (for heavy metals), far infrared sauna (primarily for volatile toxins, plasticizers, persistent organic pollutants, etc.), colonics (similar effects as sauna) as well as supplements and other techniques to maximize our natural detoxification pathways.
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STRESS MANAGEMENT:This is important for more than psychological health. Stress can affect immune functioning, inflammation and even hormonal balance. Studies have shown that stress can reduce natural killer cell function. These are normally the cells that attack foreign invaders including viruses, bacteria and fungi. They are also the cells that patrol the body as the first line of defense against the development of cancer. Stress also increases our levels of cortisol, the stress hormone. Cortisol, when chronically elevated, can paralyze our immune system and lead to osteoporosis, weight gain (especially the dangerous visceral fat), high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease and cancer.

Ultimately, it is not stress itself but HOW WE RESPOND TO IT, which determines its physiological effects on our body. There are simple techniques which we can use to help modulate our stress response. 
Available techniques include meditation, biofeedback, "emotional freedom technique" (EFT), prayer, and others which only help us to feel better and may also improve our health. EFT, which we teach in our center, can be particularly effective in removing emotional barriers to health and has been shown to be helpful for many illnesses when used in a comprehensive plan with other appropriate treatments.

Exercise is one of the pillars of vibrant health. It is also an effective stress reducer when done properly, not overdone and when accompanied by adequate rest. Yoga, Tai Chi, Pilates and even walking, swimming, running and weight training can all reduce stress when practiced in moderation.
EARLY CANCER DETECTION & CANCER RISK MINIMIZATION- THE ONCOBLOT® Test was developed as a tissue of origin test and to provide a non-invasive follow-up option to existing tests such as a High PSA, Abnormal Mammogram, Suspicious PET Scan and biopsies. Applications such as identification of unknown primary (CUP), recurrence monitoring, post cancer treatments and for targeted high risk populations can be other potential uses.
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