From our Founder

Founded by a vision beyond tradition

Dr. Richard Linchitz created this unique treatment center for chronic and autoimmune diseases under the powerful belief of providing “another way to approach and achieve vibrant health by addressing the causes, rather than the symptoms of our ill health”. This is also the driving force behind integrative medicine and a complete preventative medicine program leading to a truly patient-centered health care.
Dr. Richard Linchitz
“I was trained in traditional medicine at Cornell University Medical College, which is affiliated with the famous Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. Known as a world-class cancer center, the doctors there could only offer me the same unsatisfactory treatments as everyone else. So I decided to look beyond mainstream medical research. 

 After searching extensively, I began to realize that there was widespread information on effective cancer treatments in alternative, complementary and integrative medicine, but this information isn’t usually published in the mainstream medical or specialty journals that we (doctors) are all expected to read. 

We must go beyond these journals and the handouts that we receive from pharmaceutical company sales representatives, but it requires real effort. We must look at small, independent studies and apply logic in evaluating them, to help us understand how these findings might help our patients. We must look for the causes of disease and deal with those, rather than focus solely on symptom management, an unfortunate reality of pharmaceutically-based medicine. We must be willing to try new approaches, as long as we believe that what we do will not harm the patient, which is the first principle of medicine. 

 It is this quest that led me to found Linchitz Medical Wellness, in Glen Cove, New York. The doctors who work at my center treat all types of medical conditions; however, my portion of the practice is devoted exclusively to cancer patients.

Mainstream medicine concentrates on what is often called “evidence-based” medicine. This term suggests that all of what is done in mainstream medicine is based upon rigorous studies. In evidence-based medicine, the “gold standard” for testing the effectiveness of different treatments is the double-blind, placebo-controlled trial, which involves the participation of hundreds or thousands of patients. After a rigorous mathematical analysis of the results of a trial, researchers look for “statistically significant” evidence, which can be defined as evidence that is different from what may be expected as a result of pure chance. Thus, even small benefits that patients experience as a result of different treatments are noted as statistically significant. “


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