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Resource Section for our Patients

Linchitz Medical Wellness is committed to helping our patients in every way possible. With this resource section, we provide the most current support, free information and educational materials available for anyone seeking additional help either directly from our facility or from outside agencies. If you have any questions or need further help on the materials in this page, contact us at:
Educational Videos
Linchitz Medical Wellness has participated in the production of educational videos that provide a clear understanding about how health issues and disorders work- including how to win the battle against disease. 
The five things that affect immune function are: Poor nutrition, Infection, Toxin, Trauma and Stress. It’s an acronym of “The PITTS” which is easy to remember because it’s “The PITTS” to be sick. 
Dr. Steve Salvatore investigates water contaminants in our US drinking water supply. He interviews Immunlogist Dr. Jesse Stoff about the health of Long Island water in comparison to nationwide reports.

Check out these other videos of Dr. Jesse Stoff presenting a comprehensive report on the many types of cancers including current methods of treatment.  As a integrative medical expert and clinical immunologist, Dr. Stoff combines all safe & proven treatments while supporting the body's ability to heal itself through a healthy immune system.  (Click HERE for a complete understanding of CLINICAL IMMUNOLOGY.)

Financial assistance for cancer patients

This page is assembled by S.IM.R. - Stoff Institute for Medical Research - a 501 (c) 3 dedicated to independent research, education public awareness and community outreach for the pursuit of information advancement in the battle against chronic diseases. The following information in this section is assembled from public research and is a free listing of organizations providing grants and financial support for individuals suffering or recovering from cancer. Linchitz Medical Wellness provides this listing as an information resource section for anyone seeking financial aid and does not have an affiliation with any particular agency or organization.
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