Cellular Medicine

Cellular Medicine in Westbury

Ongoing advances in medicine have lead to new procedures to collect, concentrate and activate our adult stem cells and then use them in a focused way to re-ignite the repair process of chronically damaged organs, tissue structures and the immune system.

Regenerative Medicine

 An overview of our protocol to cell based regenerative medicine, and the services performed: We will take a focused history and physical exam. We will order necessary lab tests that will determine which factor(s) inhibited the normal healing process that resulted in your developing chronic arthritis or an illness.

Lab Tests

We will address the issues identified, with the lab tests, through dietary/lifestyle changes, nutritional supplements and/or IV therapy. If we don't correct all of these issues simultaneously, you may limit the benefit of this cellular therapy.
Group of stem cells

Stem Cells

We will collect, and isolate adult stem cells from some of your fat tissue, process them in a way to then be directly injected into the damaged tissue (often through ultrasound guidance) or we can mix them with specific nutrients and infuse them intravenously. After the procedure, we will continue to monitor your blood tests and address the abnormalities to maximize the healing and repair process as it can go on for several months.

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